The Riviera Maya in particular the municipality of Tulum has become one of the favorite destinations fornational and international investors in the recent years.

As builders we are committed to the environment, that's why we count with highly qualified personal so your construction does not pollute this beautiful place place. The people of the region are well aware of the existence of a large number of cenotes, adding the breathtaking beauty of the area, but few know that the cenotes are interconnected to form one of the largest underground river systems in the world . These systems have an outlet to the sea and is vital in the development of housing projects to plan carefully managing wastewater and using the best available technology to prevent contamination of these underground networks.

By respecting local laws, building codes and densities allowed and work with nature, we are able to maintain the green area and retain the maximum amount of environment, creating a harmonious pleasant living space. For 8 years, Procaribe specializes in building homes with our focus and commitment to the sustainable development of the municipality of Tulum.